A Birthday Cupcake for Steph: Inspired by "The Tale of One Cool Cookie"

This past Wednesday I found the most awesome salt-topped oatmeal cookie recipe that I just had to try. It was in the Washington Post Food Section and it's by Leigh Lambert. You know...I'm not really a cookie baker, but her article was so enticing that I couldn't stand it. That very morning...before work...if you can believe it...I whipped up the cookie batter and and let it sit in the fridge all day, baked those puppies that evening and took a few of them to work on Thursday...and the "testers" couldn't get enough! They agreed it was the B. E. S. T. oatmeal cookie they ever ate! I love the way Layla's blinking...she's so cute!

So, of course, I needed to bake more and figure out how to incorporate them into a cupcake. I decided that a dark chocolate one would be best because I added chocolate chips to this batch of the oatmeal cookies. Yum! And, this cupcake is dedicated to Stephanie Harvill for her birthday which is today! If you see her, say Happy Birthday! She lives in Pittsburgh. Steph: I promise I'll make you these cupcakes when you guys come to visit...yes, it's a bribe!

I used both chocolate and vanilla frosting...because some people like chocolate and some like vanilla! I had such a good time stuffing these puppies with frosting. One of them collapsed over night! Here it is...and it still tasted great! You might need a fork to eat these!

Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate and/or Vanilla Frosting and a New Best Friend Oatmeal Cookie!

The cupcake is from a Duncan HInes cakemix with some chocolate chips thrown in. The frosting is Duncan's too. It's all too easy! But, the fun of this one is making the cookies. If you make this cupcake, remember that the cookies need to be in the fridge (recommended by Leigh) for at least an hour. Here's the link to the recipe: Salted Oatmeal Cookies. Believe me, you won't regret making them!

Rock On and enjoy yourself!



  1. Anonymous1:32 AM

    Hi! I have been reading your blog for a few weeks and I just want to say, it totally rocks! We are having a cookoff this weekend, something we do once a year between family and friends and I might just make these cupcakes. They look so wonderful! You inspire me! :) Dawn xoxoxo

  2. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Wonderful cupcakes!And the pictures are even cool;I would try making them when I have someone's birthday next.Happy Birthday to Stephanie!

  3. Salt oatmeal cookies? The thought of salt on top of my oatmeal cookie definitely does not make my mouth water. But hey who knows until you try it. You have a good looking buddy dog in your first picture.

  4. Oooh yum. Those look delicious...and salted oatmeal cookies! *DROOL*.

    Layla is too cute in that picture.

  5. Anonymous10:59 PM

    First of all, your puppy is adorable--she looks very attentive on watching those cupcakes!

    Second of all, maybe this is just because I love frosting (there can never be enough!, but the photo of the cupcake that had the collapse is just a dream. Perfect.

  6. Anonymous11:17 PM

    I've got to know about the sea salt on top. It's better than it sounds, I take it? Is it a sweet 'n' salty effect?
    I'm sure a honkin' cupcake underneath it balances out the flavors quite nicely!

  7. They look SOOO yummy!

  8. these were cool. make some for ourselves.