Yeah, Baby...They're Vanilla Baby Cupcakes!

These cupcakes are in honor of mommy-to-be Melissa and daddy-to-be Chris neice and nephew-in-law, from New Market, New Hamphire. They came down this weekend and visited my mom and I went down to Prince Frederick to hang out with them. Melissa has three months to go and I just had to see them! We had such a ball.

I brought cupcakes, because that's what I do! I found the babies at Michaels and I loaded the cupcakes up with frosting and used some chewey life savers as life preservers in the frosting.

Now back to the visit: first we...Mom, Melissa, Chris and Jimmy (their best man who now lives in Fairfax, Va) went to dinner at a restaurant on Solomon's Island called Stoneys, which was awesome. They make the best Gold Margaritas! But, the fun part began when we hit Vera's White Sands Beach Club. Here's a story about the past of Vera's the way it used to be. Vera sold her place in 2006. This is a story in the Washington Post. We had a couple of drinks, danced a dance on the way out and headed home to my Mom's house. The first stop in the morning was to be in honor of Bob Evans. YES! What a weekend!

We hit Bob's around 8:45 a.m. Sunday morning. Here's what I ordered in Bob's honor: scrambled eggs, grits, bacon, two hotcakes with honey, a biscuit and a diet coke. I found out that my Mom goes there so often that the waiter didn't even have to ask her what she wanted. He called out her order (completely) before the words were out of her mouth. The picture above is my Mom, mommie-to-be Melissa, and Chris. We had the funniest discussion about the baby's name, which I firmly believe could be Vera Beverly Linda Sparky Brown!

These cupcakes were French Vanilla cakemix, Creamy vanilla Pillsbury Frosting and plastic babies from Michaels!

Enjoy and Rock On! And, if you see Melissa and Chris, say hi!



  1. While I love the decorations on your cupcakes, I am disturbed by the use of cake mixes and canned frosting. They are full of high fructose corn syrup which is incredibly bad for you. Making frosting or cake from scratch takes 5 more minutes than a mix.

  2. elizabeth: life's too short to be disturbed about cupcakes. I make many cupcakes from "scratch" but when time is short, well, there's nothing like a cake mix...and, really, what about a cupcake is really good for you??

  3. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Those cupcakes were so good!! We ate all the rest on the way home! Thanks for coming down to hang with us we had a such a great time. I don't think I will be eating crab for a while!
    Love, Melissa

  4. those are soo cute! what a sweet thing to do for someone!

    PS: what kitchen wizard only needs five extra minutes to make a cake from scratch?? lol

  5. They are so sweet. Where did you get the babies?

    Any cup cake is a yummy cup cake- mix or not

  6. The cupcakes are soooo cute. Especially at this time of the year when all the little kids are in their plastic pools. Darling, darling, darling! Can't wait to find an occasion to make them for someone. Might even tint the water light blue.

  7. Jean: I found them at Michaels. I just couldn't resist!

  8. Anonymous3:24 PM

    The babies and life preserver on the swirling sea of frosting are hysterical! You are creative and funny too.

    If I weren't married to your brother, then I would definitely be married to Bob Evans. Going to Bob's is a family tradition.

    Congratulations to Melissa, Chris and Baby Brown.

    And finally, a shout out to Beverly who is the very best mother-in-law on the whole entire planet.

  9. Your cupcakes are wonderful. I enjoyed reading about your visit to Prince Frederick (where I live) and the restaurants you visited. It is a lovely place to live as well as visit.

  10. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Love the baby cupcakes. I go by the sign for Vera's every time I visit my daughter in Lexington Park. I've always wondered about it, thanks for the story.

  11. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Oh Mah Goodness! Could these be any more adorable..could they??? NO WAY! They just crack me up! Luv your talent, Girl!
    Tracy *Ü*

  12. absolutely the cutest cupcakes ever.

    good thinking.