Oh, Harvey Wallbanger Cupcakes...Thanks for the Memories!

I have no idea why I decided to bake these cupcake...I think I just wanted to buy this cool bottle of Galliano! It's beautiful and it's so frenchy. Earlier in the morning I had come across the recipe for the cupcakes in Ann Bryn's Cupcakes From the Cake Mix Doctor. Yes, I do read cupcake books...I know, it's so bad...but I just can't stop.

So, I went to the Montgomery County Liquor Store in the Cabin John Shopping Center to buy the Galliano. They only had this very tall bottle which was way more expensive than I really wanted to pay...hmmm...what to do? Just buy it! They said I could go to another one of their stores, but I was so hot (it was about 95 degrees here yesterday) and I just wanted to go home. I'd already been to work out, Montgomery Mall, Giant and this was my very last stop. I asked one guy there if there was a smaller bottle available and he looked at me like I was crazy...he'd never heard of Galliano...luckily...or not...the other dude working there heard our non-conversation and put in his two cents about the other stores.

In the end, I plunked down my money...and I also bought a bottle of pink champagne so it wasn't a totally unfulfilling excursion.

We served the "Harvey" cupcakes at a brunch we had today, and later this afternoon, Laura and I were chatting about the Harvey Wallbanger drink or should I say "cocktail"?...and how we used to drink it way back when...and I remembered too much about it, but we won't go there...I"m sure my brother remembers THOSE days...but I regress...back to Laura;s and my conversation...we couldn't remember exactly what they tasted like...so we whip out the laptop, get the recipe, grab the vodka, Galliano, two glasses and some ice. Ahhh...magically, I was transported back to the good old days of watching Redskins at my parents' place with my family and acting all crazy! I can even remember this dark burgundy dress I used to wear. Who would have thought that cupcakes could do that?

Theme of the week: “Every exit is an entrance somewhere else” (Tom Stoppard) but this has nothing to do with cupcakes....on the other hand, I guess it could.

Hope you have a great week...next week I head to Vegas for a conference and a meet-up with my family!

Rock On, CQ

P.S. Layla says hi and she's sorry she didn't get in the cupcake photos this week...she was just too worn out from the heat. Here she is napping the afternoon away!


  1. I LOVE the straws in the cupcake! Very festive!

  2. Yeah, the straws...were those suggested in the recipe or your idea..really clever!

  3. I just bought the same straws thinking I was so inventive...hahahaha - I love it

  4. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Your brother has no knowledge of any passed events inolving Mr. Wallbanger. Perhaps you could introduce them in Vegas, baby!

  5. I came to your blog from the A Transition to Vegan blog as I was surfing and making my menu and shopping list for next week. I love these precious cupcakes! They are over the top just as they should be! I got my cupcake mania from Isa Chandra Moskowitz.

    But what really prompted me to write is that you mention the Cabin John shopping center. I lived the first five years of my life (35 years ago) in a lock house on the canal in Cabin John. It's neat to hear that name, I never hear it. I imagine it's changed quite a bit since!

    Keep up the amazing cupcakes! You inspire me... the hamburger ones would be great for a fourth of July cookout, and an especially cute joke at my house cause I'm vegan and surrounded by ardent meat and dairy eaters!

  6. Oh WOW those look good. I'm not so fond of drinking alcohol, but I love it in desserts!

  7. Anonymous1:58 AM

    Oh, MY, goodness your blog is like a cupcake orgasm!

  8. I'm sure these are delicious, but I remember...or, should I say, I don't remember...one night many years ago when I had my first (fifth) Harvey Wallbanger. Oh, my head hurts just thinking about it.

  9. I love cupcakes, i love your blog. I love how those straws go with the cupcake. Oh man, your cupcakes are ruining my diet! I'm craving for one right now, might as well hit my favorite becky's kitchen here. lol. Anyway, i found this cute 4th of July cupcakes for you. http://www.foodista.com/2008/07/04/4th-of-july-red-velvet-cupcakes/


  10. Anonymous11:49 PM

    waahhh..look so yummy. I love dessert