Today is Chris' Birthday! Go Chris and Go Pitt!

Hi should be receiving these cupcakes today, March 16!

Chocolate with vanilla frosting!!
We hope that you have a GREAT! birthday...

Chris and his family...Steph, Sam and in Pittsburgh...he's a great guy...sort of a Superman type, he is my nephew, afterall...if you see him today, wish him Happy Birthday from the CQ!

Rock On and have a great week!



  1. Anonymous3:25 PM

    March 16th...What a great day for a birthday!! Happy Birthday to your nephew! Love your blog!!!

  2. Those are so cute! My 4 year old would go crazy for them!

  3. I enjoy your blog soooooo much--your family is lucky to have you!

  4. Anonymous4:44 AM

    Nice cc...may I ask u what kind is the frosting? is it buttercream? I really like ur's simple & pretty..

  5. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Thanks Linda! What a great suprise. They were fantastic and got out of here in a hurry.
    I don't know about all that Superman stuff though. Maybe more like Mr. Incredible-before he went back into superhero training-and these cupcakes aren't helping matters any.
    Go Pitt!

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