Day of the Dead White Russian Cupcakes with Chocolate Kahlua Frosting

Maggie Van Ostrand of Mexconnect explains Day of the Dead this way: In some countries, this time of year is referred to as Halloween and in others, such as Mexico, it's The Day of the Dead, even though, technically, it lasts four days. (In Oaxaca, the Day of the Dead begins eight days prior to November 2nd and is sometimes called The Week of the Dead.)

This is the time of year in which families remember and honor the dead, welcoming their souls home on their annual visit.

She goes on to say that influences from Halloween can also be felt in Mexico during this period, such as little kids ringing doorbells seeking dulces, some dressed as Frankenstein, Dracula, or generic monsters with gruesomely painted faces and rubber hatchets embedded in their skulls.

I love the Day of the Dead artwork and I totally believe in honoring those who have gone to the other matter how they get there. I also am addicted to The Ghost Whisperer!

Layla loved this photo! BTW: if you see Kim Leffler on Saturday, wish her "Happy Birthday"...She had the good luck to be born on Halloween!

Have a great week, CQ

Here is the recipe for White Russian Cupcakes:

Recipe from Cupcakes from the Cake Mix Doctor by Anne Byrn.

White Russian Cupcakes
Makes 22-26 cupcakes

1 package (18.25 ounces) plain yellow cake mix
1 package (3.4 ounces) vanilla instant pudding mix
1 cup vegetable oil
3/4 cup whole milk
4 large eggs
1/4 cup vodka
1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons Kahlua
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

Kahlua Whipped Cream
1 cup (8 ounces) heavy (whipping) cream
2 tablespoons confectioners' sugar
1 tablespoon Kahlua
2 tablespoons semisweet chocolate shavings, for garnish

1. Place a rack in the center of the oven and preheat the oven to 350°F. Line cupcake cups with paper liners. Set the pans aside.
2. Prepare the cupcake batter: Place the cake mix, pudding mix, oil, milk, eggs, vodka, 1/4 cup Kahlua, and vanilla in a large mixing bowl. Blend with an electric mixer on low speed for 30 seconds. Stop the machine and scrape down the sides of the bowl with a rubber spatula. Increase the mixer speed to medium and beat 2 minutes more, scraping down the sides again if needed. Spoon or scoop1/3 cup batter into each lined cupcake cup, filling it three quarters of the way full. (You will get between 22 and 26 cupcakes; remove the empty liners, if any.) Place the pans in the oven.
3. Bake the cupcakes until they are golden and spring back when lightly pressed with your finger, 17 to 20 min utes. Remove the pans from the oven and place them on wire racks to cool for 5 minutes. Brush the tops of the cupcakes with the remaining 2 tablespoons Kahlua. Run a dinner knife around the edges of the cupcake liners. Lift the cupcakes up from the bottoms of the cups using the end of the knife, and pick them out of the cups carefully with your fingertips. Place them on a wire rack to cool completely before frosting.
4. Meanwhile, prepare the frosting: Place a large, clean mixing bowl and electric mixer beaters in the freezer to chill for 1 minute. Remove the bowl and beaters from the freezer. Pour the cream into the bowl and beat with an electric mixer on high speed until the cream has thickened. Stop the machine, and add the sugar and Kahlua. Beat the cream on high speed until stiff peaks form. DO NOT OVERBEAT OR IT WILL TURN INTO BUTTER.
5. Frost cooled cupcakes with whipped cream. Store in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.


  1. All I can say is "WOW"!!!! So awesome! Also, kinda spooky, I just got done reading a bunch of stuff on the Day of the Dead holiday. Fasinating! And thanks for the birthday greeting! It definitly is the best birth date to have! Love you!

  2. WHERE did you get such fancy cupcake cups???? I must know! ;-) Can't wait to make these yummy ones---thanks for your blog, it's so wonderful!

  3. Linda -- these are spectacular!

  4. Oh these are fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing your recipe and process with us!

    We are doing blog fest over at Mother Henna all weekend, too, if you want to come share your link there. I know our readers would dig this!

    Miracles to you!

  5. Here from Mother Henna, these look delicious! I'll definitely be trying out this recipe!

  6. Hi CQ,

    My husband is Mexican, but we have yet to go to Mexico together during el dia de los muertos celebrations. I am looking forward to doing it one year. When I saw this recipe, he said, "oh, you have to do it!"

    Thanks for posting, it just so happens that we like the White Russians so conveniently have the vanilla vodka and Kahlua on hand!

    Vamos a disfrutarlos!

  7. These are awesome!! I have never seen Dia de los Muertos cupcakes before and this is literally a treat to see~so charming and fun :)

  8. i love these! craziness

  9. I ADORE THESE!!!! I only wish I had checked in with the blogs sooner!!

  10. Hello! These are so cute. I am a huge DOTD freak. I was born on that day, and I even have a tattoo of a Calavera on my leg. :)

    I don't see it mentioned, but where did you find the toppers for these adorable cupcakes?? I would love to make these for my birthday next year.
    Thanks! Love the blog.

  11. These are awesome! I have included them in our 25 Horrible Hairy Halloween Cupcake Idea post at Party Cupcake Ideas.