Valentine: Here I Come!

Kir Royale Valentine Cupcakes with Champagne Cassis Frosting

Click HERE for the recipe!

That's Some Big Valentine, Layla!

Check out this Valentine cupcake!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!



  1. Deliciously cute! I really like your background, I recongize that tv personality, but can't think of the name.....

    hope your Valentine's weekend is nice :)

  2. What a fun blog- I'm having fun browsing! Keep up the yummy baking!!! Looks fantastic!

  3. Wow, so glad I stumbled upon your blog. Absolute love it! Oh, and I'm wondering if you or your readers might know of a natural food color line? I hate that chemical-y taste of some of the brands and wondered if anyone would have a suggestion for a more natural alternative?

  4. These look fabulous... will give them a try!

  5. chris9:29 AM

    Yours has been a favorite blog for a while now - love the cupcakes (of course!), photography, and of course your puppy is adorable. Thanks for all of the beautiful inspiration!

  6. EZSweets11:47 PM

    this looks so pretty and cute!
    thnx for sharing!

  7. I'm totally addicted to your gorgeous blog and the reasons behind your inspirations. Keep up the fabulous work.