Sweet Dreams Are Made of This: Cake Dreams is a Little Taste of Heaven!

Layla admires the Chocolate Cupcake with Peanut Butter Frosting 
Cupcake from Cake Dreams!

Have you ever had people you know tell you that you should go someplace...that it's really great, the best, etc? Well, several people who know the Queen have asked her if she'd been to Cake Dreams in Rockville, MD. The answer was always not yet...they only opened last January...I'm just sayin'...The fact is CQ hardly ever buys cupcakes.

So, when CQ pulled into the parking lot last Friday night to pick up dinner from Bombay Bistro, she realized she was right there...right there at Cake Dream and they were open until 7:00! CQ was in luck and she was lookin' to purchase six cupcakes to try out...and share with her readers!

CQ opened the door and there was a guy behind the counter...who turned out to be Michelle's (the cake and cupcake creator) husband, Kevin. CQ mentioned to him that she baked cupcakes and had a blog. He asked CQ what the name of her blog was...when she said 52 Cupcakes, Kevin said "We were wondering when you'd come in!"
Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake

Then CQ met Michelle. She was awesome!

Vanilla Lemon (CQ's fav!)

Okay...now on to the cupcakes CQ and her entourage of four divvied up: Chocolate with Peanut Butter Frosting, Sweet Chocolate with Sweet Vanilla Frosting, Carrot with Vanilla Frosting, Yellow with Lemon Frosting (CQ's Fav), Chocolate with Raspberry Frosting, and Yellow Caramel!

The over-the-top reviews are in...here are some of the comments: Each and every one of the cupcakes that were bought were eaten (what else??), there were sighs of contentment all around, the flavors were deep when they needed to be (see Chocolate Peanut Butter), and light where needed (see Vanilla Caramel)...one a scale of from 1 to 10, with 10 being the BEST!, CQ and her band of cupcake eaters concluded that the Cake Dreams cupcakes were some of the most excellent cupcakes they have ever bought! Hooray for Cake Dreams. The royal "We" will be visiting them again soon.

Now, get in your car and go visit them! Tell them that the Cupcake Queen sent you! This is the address: 90 W. Montgomery Ave, Rockville, MD.

You might want to follow them on Facebook...(sometimes they give FB fans one free cupcake).

Have a great week...remember to Rock On!

CQ and Layla


  1. Those look amazing! Poor Layla wants a bite soooo bad!

    Great post.


  2. It's always fun to hear about cupcake places. Those all look amazing. I would have a hard time choosing.

  3. wow poor thing..you just wanna that cake so much

  4. I love the raspberry's color and classic chocolate taste..

  5. Ok, the cupcakes look good, but the dog is adorable.

  6. Anonymous1:46 AM

    Mmmmm-- caramel--must try to get there!

  7. Mary H.3:36 PM

    Love that--"we were wondering when you were going to come in!" And Cake Dreams is right next door to Bombay Bistro--how cool is that?
    The royal entourage from the west coast will expect to stop for a "walk and eat-about" during our next visit! Love you!

  8. I hope the poor ol dog got at least a bite of that cupcake in the end! Talking about looking longingly!

  9. This is such a beautiful post, and Congratulations, your work in photography is stunning and very inspiring.

  10. I've been wanting to stop by for awhile! I always end up in that area when it's closed :( Guess I'll have to make a special trip!

  11. Oh my God!!! I love milk, ice cream and cereal!This is genius! I have to try this recipe

  12. Anyone have a good recipe for the Vanilla Lemon cupcake?

  13. Anonymous12:03 PM

    I went there and bought 6 different cupcakes. They were all stale! At those prices, they shouldn't be. I will never go there again!