Seen on grubstreet.com: Manhattan Finally Getting the Cupcake ATM It’s Been Missing All These Years

The cupcake craze may be trending downward, which is perhaps why it's a good thing Sprinkles is going to start selling ice cream in a newly leased, 1,000 square-feet spot adjacent to its enormous store on the Upper East Side. The new space, at 782 Lexington Avenue, will also have a cupcake ATM built into its façade, which allows convenient access to sweets, 24-7. The machine's L.A. counterpart has been known to attract sugar-craving child TV stars.

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  1. Anonymous10:07 PM

    This was so smart of Sprinkles. I live in Chicago and they recently installed one at the location on Walston St. It is great on days when the line is too long in the actual store therefore people in a rush can come buy and get a cupcake. It also is perfect for the late midnight cravings. I'm surprised more bakeries or stores don't do this.