Ahhh...Cupcake Liners!

Some of you noticed the brown cupcake liners I used in my last batch of cupcakes. I'm always looking for some different kind of cupcake liner. I wish they had some with polka dots or wide stripes. Cool ones, you know? During my searching on the internet, I came across these brown and red ones from a company in Troy, New York.

It's called Confectionery House. It has lots of cool stuff but these liners are the ultimate. I ordered some and they came right away, just in time for the apple cupcakes! This link takes you right to the brown and red cupcake liners! Enjoy...


  1. Just searching blogs, and I like yours. I love baking cupcakes, hope you don't mind me adding you link to my blogs?

  2. Anonymous1:23 PM

    I love those dark brown ones. Even the blue stripe ones on the site are too cute. Yeah, I also wish that they would make some in cute patterns...I've seen Disney cupcake holders, but why not polka dots and swirls, something.

  3. Anonymous5:20 PM

    I was in a craft store looking for some ribbon when I noticed some great ribbons just like the ones on the Donna Hay magazine cover! The craft store here in Texas is called Michaels and it had the best selection of small ribbons that would fit the cupcakes perfectly. Needless to say I loaded up on ribbons for my cupcakes!

  4. Anonymous11:14 PM

    If you want to find some clever liners, try thepartyworks.com they have some really cool polka dot liners!

  5. Anonymous3:53 PM

    So I live in Troy, am an avid baker, and I'm also a member of the Troy Almost Foodies, and yet I've never heard of this place and I don't think any of my friends have either. Thanks so much! I'll definitely be going on a shopping spree tomorrow!

  6. Anonymous9:18 PM

    I want to get some cupcakes liners that do not get translucent after they get out from the oven. Are those you got in Confectionery Huse that kind?

    P.S. I really enjoy your blog

  7. Anonymous4:03 PM

    If you want a variety of cupcake liners, try www.beryls.com. They have a really great selection.

  8. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Wilton makes cool dot & stripe liners - www.shopbakersnook.com

  9. Anonymous8:15 PM

    I started selling brown cupcake liners on ebay so people can have access to them from my bakery. I list them as flyniggan and would be happy to help anyone Great site here! Thanks

  10. Anonymous6:05 PM

    I have been on the hunt for different liners myself as well and I think brown with pink bows would be adorable.

  11. Anonymous11:15 AM

    hiya! I wanted to let you know my webstore is now in full swing in time for Halloween! We have an amazing assortment of cupcake liners even including the brown cupcake liners! We have marvellous cupcake decorations from the UK and hand done by our artist! Limited qty, available. Please check us out www.acupcakery.com
    We are very excited to be a part of the cupcake scene. we are in Canada but will ship anywhere the postal service will go!
    thanks for your blog it is very enjoyable!

  12. Anonymous4:54 PM

    bakeitpretty has some awesome cupcake liners!

  13. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Just found this site: intotheoven.com.

    Check out the liners at:

  14. Krista3:30 PM

    This person has even more, beyond just polka-dots...see for yourself :)


  15. Anonymous3:53 PM

    you could try http://www.intotheoven.com/Cake-Essentials-Cupcake-Liners/c46_72/index.html?gclid=CJzNqu-Y7Z0CFRgbawodUgQ6LA

  16. Anonymous12:32 PM


    FANTASTIC cupcake liners in all colors and patterns. Prices are great! Enjoy!

  17. Anonymous6:15 PM

    www.shop.cupcakesuppliesonline.com has some very cute cupcake liners! They are also the cheapest I have found for my bakery. I can get a bulk of 500 for $17.99. Now that's a deal! And I love your blog...it's the best!