"Fragrance with a Hint of Cupcakes"

I heard about this yesterday. According to EOnline: "Spears' new fragrance, Fantasy Britney Spears, is due to launch Thursday. She has described it as a completely magical blend of enchanting scents and flavors with a hint of cupcakes."

hmmmm...I don't know....but, she might have something here....


  1. Hmmm, two thumbs up for the "hint of cupcakes". Two tumbs down for Britney...the singer, not the fragrance.

  2. oh man. i bet its not as good as demeter :)

    what is the address to the little ibits shop? it sounds really neat. i should write it down for the next time im in maryland.

    good job on the filled cuppycakes, i tried to make some like that once... very unfavourable results. cheers!

  3. really enjoy your blog. the mere mention of cupcakes always bring a smile to my face..got a favorite i could make for people at work? for my own bday?

  4. Hi Mona: I think one of the ones I made that got totally positive feedback from my colleagues was the Week 16: Chocolate Cupcake with Pink Mint Frosting. It looked so cool and everyone loved it!