Double-Stuffed Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupakes

This weekend I was in New York for a beautiful home this afternoon and came up with these cupcakes this evening...I bought some of the Double Stuffed Oreo Peanut Butter Cream cookies. I made up some chocolate cupcake batter.

Then I took the lid off of all the cookies. I put the bottom part of the cookie...with the peanut butter cream facing the bottom of the cupcake liner. Then I poured the batter over each cookie. Then, with the remaining cookied I took either 1/2 or 1/4 of the peanut butter cream and put it on the top of the cupake batter for each cupcake.

To top it all off, I crumbled up the left over tops and sprinkled it over the top of the batter so that it would bake in. When the cupcakes out, and cooled off...I finished them off with some dark chocolate icing and a little white chocolate! And, bed!

Rock on! CQ


  1. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Oh, wow! These sound incredibly delicious. I love chocolate and peanut butter.

  2. Anonymous5:38 AM

    Yuummm!! The they look lovely too! I've just made chocolate-peanut butter brownies the other day -chocolate and peanut butter is a deadly combo!!

  3. Anonymous12:50 PM

    I can't go to bed, I am on a sugar high! These are decadent...and that is an understatement!
    Thanks for sharing your creation!

  4. Anonymous6:20 PM

    I are an evil Cupcake Queen...but in a totally good way!

  5. Um...WOW WOW WOW. These look so freaking good I want to lick the screen. I may have to try making them myself!

  6. I'm definitely going to make these if I can find those choc/PB Oreos here in NYC. Sometimes the supermarkets here don't quite compare to suburban ones--(smaller stores, less choices).

  7. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Ok, what do I have to do to get one of these?

  8. Anonymous3:02 PM

    I saw this yesterday, went to the store after work, went home, made them...and then I ate two! Sooooo good. I brought the rest in to my office today and everyone LOVES them. They were very easy to make and so good! Thanks Cupcake Queen!!!

  9. Duh. How long and at what temp are you baking? I'm a cupcake novice!

  10. Oh dear. I think my husband will be whining at me to make this. Chocolate+PB is his thing!

    Where's Layla??

  11. Anonymous10:45 PM

    Sounds tasty. Especially with a glass of cold milk and right before bed.

    Ever made anything with Nutter Butters? Yum.

  12. Anonymous2:13 AM

    oh, these look absolutely AMAZING all stuffed with deliciousness...yum!
    I love the oreo's inside - Nigella Lawson has a recipe for SnickerMuffins...but it's nothing compaired with this! =)

  13. Anonymous4:49 AM

    What a great blog i have been addicted to cupakes since my first bite of one. These Double-Stuffed Chocolate Peanut Butter cupakes are something i cannot wait to try.

  14. I made these tonight! They are DELIC! I may try them with the mint Oreos next time!