Get Your Copy Now: The Blue-Suited Superhero...The Tick Is Back!

I am holding in my hands my very own new Tick DVD...the first season...I simply can't believe that The Tick...not the blood-sucking kind, the cartoon BACK! Warm fuzzy feelings...Color me happy!

If you don't know The Tick...Oh man, what have you been missing? He is a blue-suited...known as the blue tights of justice...superhero and he defends The City. His sidekick is a guy named Arthur...a former tax accountant...whose costume is a moth suit. His other superhero friends include Caped Chameleon, Rain Man-Inspired Sewer Urchin, American Maid and Die Dledermaus. The first episode is called The Tick vs The Idea Men...Then there's The Tick vs Chairface Chippendale...his head is a chair...okay, I know this sounds strange, but it is a hilarous show and will really make you laugh...If you can't wait for Amazon, head for Target...that's where I found my dvd...Shera...I hope that you got yours, too!

Hmmmm maybe this weekend I'll creat a THE TICK cupcake!

Rock on! As always, your Cupcake Queen...



  1. Anonymous12:15 PM

    I LOVE the Tick! I made my fiance watch it last night (Tick and Sewer Urchin vs. the Filth and I forget the main evildoer's name). I don't think he fully appreciated it. Oh well.

  2. Anonymous10:57 PM

    Oooh, cupcakes covered in bright blue frosting with two little blue Twizzler antennas sticking out of each of them would be awesome! But what flavor cupcake would best represent the Tick?

  3. Anonymous10:21 AM

    I love The Tick! What a great find! When Malcolm was smaller, we had action figures. I was The Tick and he was Arthur. Shh, don't tell him that I told you.

  4. I've got the Tick but I don't have Arthur. I LOVE that cartoon. I gotta get the DVD.

  5. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Cupcake Mafia says, "Little Wooden Boy!" Oh man, I love that show. What a great gift that would make for my brother's 23rd Birthday.

  6. The Tick does rock quite a few socks.

  7. Anonymous7:02 PM

    It's just not fair to be tempted with these yummy cupcakes!

  8. Anonymous11:42 PM

    This was a fantastic book. I would highly recommend it-especially for cupcake lovers.