On the Road Again....Lookout Durham!

The Cupcake Queen is heading to Durham tomorrow morning...just for a quick over night visit with my step-daughter, Shelley, who's a graphic designer, and her fiance, Davey, a PhD student at UNC. I must admit that I have some trepidation (but no fear!) about visiting the Tar Heel State of North Carolina.... it's about the Duke Basketball team. Since I'm a Terp thru and thru, we love to hate the Dukies....I'm right in there with the kids, singing when they play what we call the "You Suck" song at games...even tho we're not supposed to sing it at all...lol! But for this weekend...I promise not to sing it or say it once I get into North Carolina. I promise not to wear my "Fear the Turtle" t-shirt. But, I'm not sure what we're going to do about the Maryland tags on our car.

On the brighter side, we're going to try to get into a restaurant called Magnolia Grill which is supposed to be pretty good. I'm also going to be on the lookout for any cupcake places I can find in my 48 hours on the road. We're taking Harry with us because he's little, but poor Layla has to stay at home with the boys. All my Mom wants me to bring her is some barbeque!

We'll be back on Sunday just in time to post some cupcakes!

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  1. Uh oh. You'll soon be entering my territory and I'm a Dukie as you call us..lol No worries, as long as you don't sing that song we'll treat you with our best southern charm I assure you! You're also pretty safe anyway because when in North Carolina, Duke's main fixation is on their rivalry with Carolina(UNC). Hope you have a wonderful visit. And definitely don't forget mom's bbq!! lol

    Btw Harry is ADORABLE!! I haven't seen his photos before. He must lay low for the most part. No cupcake stealing for him..he leaves that for Layla?? lol