Ugh! My Dog Ate My Ugg!

I know this isn't about cupcakes...but I have to vent somewhere! This is the evidence I found on the bed when I walked into the bedroom last night. dog...just my Ugg slipper. What's up with that?

My favorite slippers...the ones I can wear them outside at 5:00 a.m. to pick up the newspaper every morning. They have nice rubber bottoms.

Now where is she? She just left it there for me to find....went off...and is partying on somewhere else. Ahh... She split the scene for the office!

Oh man, who could be mad looking at that? Not me. Oh well, at least I can still wear my Uggs!


  1. Your dog was just huntin' sheep.

  2. I know what you mean. My adorable Ziggy has this shoe fetish also. I had to resort to placing my shoes in places where he can't get them. The good thing is it makes me put away my shoes and not leave them all over.

    Luv your cupcakes.

  3. Anonymous2:06 AM

    Wow, this reminds me of when I bought my first real high quality down comforter. It was so terrific and classy looking I used it as a bedspread.

    Well, I came home from work the FIRST day of having the down comforter and my cat had taken his claws to it. Feathers everywhere!

    Apparently he must have smelled birds or something.

  4. I got home last night and i see a broken glass pyrex baking dish at the bottome of the basement stairs. Dont ask me how my dachshund got it off the counter and licked it around the kitchen floor until it got to the basement stairs and went crashing down.

  5. Anonymous10:14 AM

    It needs to be punished :)

  6. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Uggs are comfy but really ugly.

  7. Anonymous9:15 PM

    smart dog.