Cutest Cupcake Pin!!! And, more!

I found this cutest cupcake pin from a web site called rose + sadie! I actually spotted them at lili confetti boutique, a very cool place. All we know about Rose + Sadie is that they "met a while ago," and became friends because they both like the movie "Big Business." Now, as their website says, "Sadie rides her bike over to Rose's after work and they make pins: drinking cheap wine, watching trash TV, and singing along to the radio." I really think they need to throw some cupcakes in there, too!The little guy on the right, Frankie is featured on Rose and Sadie's web site...note he has his very own bowling pin pin on the collar! Now how could you not love that? He looks a bit like our frenchy, Harry (on the right).

I may have to get one of these for Harry's collar, or better yet one for Layla...I think they might light a kitty like this one. They also do custom what are you waiting for??

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