Frenchy Clowns on Billy's Vanilla Vanilla Cupcakes For Jim's Picnic!

John: thanks for the awesome photo!

I found these Frenchy clowns during my trip to France...aren't they cute? I love them! And, they were just perfect for my second run of Billy's Reece's Vanilla Vanilla Cupcakes (see this post). The little dots are from France, too. They are called "Confettis"... multicolores sucres Vahine.

I made these cupcakes for Jim (my brother-in-law)...he's retiring from the Air Force and we had a big picnic for him today at my Mom's place. Tomorrow we're all going to Andrews Air Force Base for the ceremony! On the right is his granddaughter!

These are two of my three nieces...Lesley (left, from Spokane) and Melissa (right, from New Hampshire) enjoying the cupcakes. BTW: The white ones had vanilla frosting and the pink ones had mint frosting!


  1. Ah, I forgot about the Billy's recipe on my latest round of cupcake making. I like the pink color for the mint frosting as an alternative to the often-used green. The clowns are cute, too. They are in stock right now at the grocery store by my office.

  2. Anonymous4:03 PM

    You make this all look like so much fun. Congrats to your bro-in-law. Now git her butt back here to work!

  3. I used Billy's recipe a couple of weeks ago and they are terrific! Best vanilla recipe I've tried so far. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh Cupcake Queen how did I survive without you for so long? I found you today (and you live in my sity too!). You are awesome and I am hungry.

  5. Actually sity should be city. (I was just so excited)

  6. Oops! I didn't mean to be anonymous! It is I, Michelle!

  7. OK, that probably didn't make any sense, did it? I forgot to log in for my original post, so it said "anonymous". Well, shoot. I'll try to type it again, lol.

    Been meaning to drop a line to tell you that your blog inspired me to make cupcakes for my son's first birthday! I made Billy's Vanilla Vanilla with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting. They were my very first made from scratch cupcakes. Man, oh man, were they yummy. Very different from what I expected. The cake itself was a different texture than boxed cakes and not as sweet. The oh-so-very-sweet frosting perfectly balanced out the cupcake. I donned each with multi-colored dots and the rest is a smeary, messy, yummilicious history!
    Thank you for such a wonderful blog!

  8. Oh Cupcake Queen, you never cease to amaze me, your creations get better and better. I love it!!
    And how cute are those clowns, I wish I could find them here.

  9. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Those are adorable cupcakes. The clowns really make them festive, I am so jealous you had to (got to?) go abroad to find them. Well done!