When in France....Buy Shoes!

No cupcakes this week...The Cupcake Queen is in the south of France...it's so beautiful here...everyday so far has been fantastic weatherwise. But...no cupcakes have been spotted so far. Believe me. I've looked high and low. This place is ripe for a cupcake boutique! But...I did find all these cute shoes!

Of course, because we are foodies, we had to find a grocery store soon after arriving...and we did find the most fabulous grocery store (well, it's a lot more than groceries), but it's the biggest grocery store I've ever seen (a lot like Wegman's, but, I dunno...bigger. It's called Carrefour....simply amazing. This is a photo I took of the baking aisle. They have lots of cake decorating stuff but no cupcake materials...not even cupcake pans. Every where I go I'm looking for cupcake stuff.

I did buy some muffins in Carrefour that looked like cupcakes...vanilla with mini-chocolate chips...but they didn't really have much taste. Cupcakes do not ssem to be for sale anywhere I've been so far...Cannes, Nice, Antibe. But we have seen some very cute little pastries.

One of the things I've noticed is that French store owners seem to like to dress up mannequins outside their stores...and they seem to have quite a sense of humor about it...note the "guard" dog...he was actually a very nice boy!

As you might have figured out, it's very tiring looking all over the place for cupcake material. Here's how we finished off today...with some awesome French apps...as we call them...outside on the patio...and a little Coca Blak and Pommery's POP Pink Champagne....Well, what happens in France stays in France!


  1. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Hey Linda! Looks like you guys are having a great time! Just wanted to tell ya, I tried Coke Blak for the first time last week, poured it over ice, and kinda reminded me of a coke float?! Love the pics and look forward to more! Love ya guys! Kimbo! xoxo

  2. hey there..i am secretly been ur readers ever since u embark on the 52 cupcakes... i love seeing it but never get into baking that much..still waiting for all the logistic being done at the home first

    I am from Malaysia anyway. We have Carrefour chain stores in Malaysia.. The hypermarket player isfighting to get a license to opearte in our small country...their selection is enornamous and huge

    btw i cant wait for your next update!

  3. Anonymous12:11 PM

    I am French, living in the US, and I have been reading your blog since Christmas. I just love it. You are wonderful. Yes indeed, it won't be easy to find cupcakes material in France. Cupcakes are not that common there. It's starting though, thanks to several food blogs. So, do you plan to bake during your vacations? I am curious, because when I bake American recipes in France, with French ingredients, the result is rather disapointing... Bonnes vacances!

  4. Anonymous12:09 AM

    You know you have a nephew who frequents Nice and Cannes...he's very global you know :P

    Our newest fav combo is Limoncello we picked up last summer in Italy and homemade Lemon-Strawberry Gilato- too yummy and dangerous.

    Hope you're having a blast!!!

  5. Anonymous6:00 AM

    hey i love those sandals..they look funky!! anyway we have Carrefour here too in Singapore, but I dont think they have that big section on baking materials here..

    hope u luv it in France!! :)

  6. Anonymous3:38 PM

    But we have seen some very cute little pastries.

    I hope you are doing more than just looking at those pastries. There's nothing quite like eating a pastry in France to make you stop missing American cupcakes!

  7. Anonymous7:34 PM

    hey! i love your blog and i hope you have a terrific time in france
    anyway i just wanted to ask you, cause im from Argentina, whats buttermilk exactly? because i dont seem to get the idea of what buttermilk is. thanx.

  8. Anonymous1:25 PM

    If I knew I had such a fun little cocktail hour to look forward to I would almost happily join a tour to go sight seeing! I'm sorry your cupcake quest did not amount to much in the South of France, but at least you go to experience the wonderful pastries.